'Me and my shadow' Lost count of the days....

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2016
Category: Technique, 

Author: Cindy Eisenstadt

Not so pretty in pink....

O.K. so I am writing this all in one shot. I remember why I don’t like flowers. With any piece of artwork I produce, I am trying to convey the feeling or mood that pulled me in the first place. So the day I took the photos of my Amaryllis, it was late afternoon, the sun was low and it was casting a wonderful shadow…dark rich colours with some sun highlights on the flower. I thought , yes! This is my kind of flower picture, dramatic, not all flowery and stuff. Well things started out pretty good. I was being patient, not trying to go at Mach speed. But then I got excited one day and worked on it, and worked on it…When in reality I should have walked away. This is what I came back to, in image #1, Yuck, way too pink! If I had taken more care, and slowed down, this probably would not have happened. Well, anyway, I lost the mood… I needed to get it back. So with a lot of messing around with colour. Smoothing some edges, tweaking, and small adjustments, it started to come back, almost there. I needed to ask the expert in the house what he thought… well, of course he found some other questionable tiny problems, so I attacked my painting again, will this ever end?? That is what I was thinking at that moment, ( I blame everything on the flowers) …. Seriously though, when I work on a piece, it usually doesn’t control me, I control it. Well I lost control… but I was getting it back! I left it, took a break and made dinner, my eyes needed to refocus. After, when I returned, I was asked by my kids, are you ever gonna’ be done that painting?? I said yes, I think it’s done, finally! The colour is right, it’s moody, a bit dark and dramatic, exactly what I was aiming for. This is not a delicate flower, I guess that was part of the attraction….will I do another flower anytime soon? Who knows, it’s kinda’ like childbirth, it doesn’t take long for you to forget the bad stuff….

Fixing my colour problems...

The end, yaaaah!

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