'Me and my shadow' day #3

Posted: Sunday, April 3, 2016
Category: Technique, 

Author: Cindy Eisenstadt

Here I am working on the flowers....

“ Me and my shadow, day #3 “


So….this is the 3rd session with this painting. Each session lasts typically about 1.5 hrs…. or more, if I have bonus time in my day! My hubby, kids, dog, and fishies, all come 1st…art comes in with a gasp, …dead last. I have a lot of patience, I try to spread it out and save some for myself. My perfect day would be to wake up, go eat breakfast that someone prepared for me, go down to my Studio, and paint. I would only stop for meals , which were again magically prepared for me. I would paint until I could no longer keep my eyes open and then crawl into bed. Well, anyway that won’t be happening any day soon! Back to reality…I decided to call this piece, “Me and my shadow”. I took some pictures of my Amaryllis, on what I was hoping was the peak day of blooming. It was late afternoon, and the light cast a really great shadow of the flower on the wall behind it. Sort of like it’s twin. I got lucky…because in the days following, my flower began to shrivel away. I try to take as many pictures wherever I go, and save them for future material. I have gotten a lot of feedback over the past few years. People really like to know the story behind each piece, so I try to put as much thought as possible into every piece of my artwork. There is careful planning involved. But, there are days when I circumvent my plans, sometimes there are happy accidents! Sometimes I tell myself to walk away, so that I can look at everything with fresh eyes. It’s an amazing trick… if you are not sure what the problem in your painting is… walk away, for a while. When you return, you can usually instantly spot where you need to make changes, add colour, or light, or perhaps your dimensions are off. Whatever you do is fine as long as you are ready to give an explanation of why certain components are deliberately out of proportion, or exaggerated colour is used, etc.,. If the people around you are honest, ahem…. for eg., your hubby, he will tell it like it is, so be prepared for a firestorm of questions! This is why I make sure I am completely happy with my work before I ask an opinion!!


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